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Personality Types and Jobseekers

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Interviews, Personality Types | 1 comment

It is important to think about your personality when looking for jobs. Will you be a good fit? Does the job match your personality?

In an interview, employers seek to learn about your personality as you answer questions about how you respond to new or stressful situations as well as what motivates you and how you solve problems.

There are a number of tools used by job seekers and employers to assess and understand their personality types. These include examples such as Myers-Briggs and DISC

Tools like this can be useful if you want to understand your own personality type and behaviors and can be a good indicator of what jobs suit you best, how well you work with others and how you may fit into a company’s culture.

In this article we will look at one personality tool: DISC.

The DISC profile is used by thousands of organizations across the world, large and small companies, governments and not-for-profits. It is simple to understand, based on research, and useful for both employees and employers.

The letters in DISC stand for Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious.

Let’s have a quick look at each personality type and how you can promote yourself positively in a job interview.


Overview: A dominant person is focused on results, getting things done, challenging others, getting to the bottom line as quickly as possible and making it happen.

Interview Tip: Emphasize your achievements and highlight results but also credit your colleagues and mention how you have added to team morale.


Overview: An influential person is persuasive, outgoing and people-oriented. They love to interact, socialize and have fun.

Interview tip: Focus on your positive experiences and achievements, but don’t go overboard with details and embellishments. Remember to listen as well as talk.


Overview: A steady person is reserved and people-oriented, and helps and supports others in working together as a team.

Interview tip: Emphasize how your collaborative personality has played a role in working with others. Think of an example where your willingness to compromise helped in a difficult or stressful situation.


Overview: A conscientious person is reserved and task-oriented, and driven by value, consistency and quality information.

Interview tip: Work on communicating clearly and confidently. You won’t have time to analyse every answer – try to relax and share the highlights. It is ok to ask an interviewer to clarify a question or ask exactly what they are looking for.


No one is a pure D, I, S, or C. Everyone has these traits to varying degrees. If you are aware of your personality type, you can take advantage of your strengths, work on your weaknesses and become a valuable employee in your next role.

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