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5 Soft Skills To Get You Hired

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Skills | 0 comments

At the beginning of the year, LinkedIn published a list of the skills that companies need most. In this article we will consider the soft skills (such as social skills and communication skills) and why they are important in the workplace.

You may sometimes see soft skills referred to as life skills, power skills, durable skills, human skills, people skills, or 21st century skills.

LinkedIn listed the most needed soft skills as:

  1. Creativity
  2. Persuasion
  3. Collaboration
  4. Adaptability
  5. Time Management

Let’s look at each of these five soft skills and explain what it is, why it’s important and how you can demonstrate it (for example in a resume or interview).


What it is: Creativity is all about solving problems in new and innovative ways.

Why it’s important: Lots of workplace tasks are being automated now, so companies are looking for employees who can come up with new approaches or solutions to problems.

How you demonstrate it: Talk about a time you have changed the way you work to make it quicker, more efficient, or add value.


What it is: Persuasion is about influencing people. Can you convincingly communicate why your ideas, approaches or solutions will be of benefit to your company and its customers?

Why it’s important: It is not just a skill for salespeople, the key to getting things done in any workplace is having people buy into to your concepts, products, etc.

How you demonstrate it: Think of a situation where you have convinced someone to change their mind, showing how you have used empathy and listening skills to see their point of view.


What it is: collaboration is about working with others productively and efficiently towards a common goal

Why it’s important: When collaborating team members rely on each other and organize their work, so that the skills, knowledge and experience of each person help all of them to collectively reach their goals. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

How you demonstrate it: When have you added value to a project that a colleague was working on? When have you been relied on to complete a group task? How do you bring out the best in other people?


What it is: Adaptability is about being flexible in your approach, adapting to changes in ways of working and looking for new solutions when problems arise.

Why it’s important: In today’s fast-changing world of work, being adaptable is an essential skill so that you and your company don’t get left behind.

How you demonstrate it: One way to demonstrate adaptability is being an early adaptor of technology. Another is to show your commitment to learning new skills, e.g. by taking training courses.

Time Management

What it is: Time management is about making the most of your work time by prioritizing, decision making, goal setting, multi-tasking, etc.

Why it’s important: Time is one of the most precious commodities in life. It is arguably even more precious in work. Good time management helps businesses run more effectively and efficiently, and helps keep employees happy and healthy.

How you demonstrate it: Think of examples where you have had to prioritize jobs or juggle tasks and how you managed this. How and in what environment do you do your best work? How do you plan your day?


These five soft skills are the key to getting ahead in the workplace. Now that you can show that you have the skills that employers need, register with Qubiti today and find your dream job.



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